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Our Valued Partners

Audicor Cardiometrics would like to thank our Partners who share our vision in reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease for those living in the remote and marginalized populations across the world.

The Audicor EkoPatch


Faster, More Accurate and Easier way to Monitor Your Heart

The Audicor Electro Acoustic Cardiography Technology is indeed a breakthrough in personalized healthcare.


From now on, building a strong relationship with your Heart will be the start  of all relationships. 

We just built a new wearable device that gives deep insights into your heart's performance and functioning. We call it the


We have made a more stable, objective and rapid way of assessing your heart performance for use as a quick check and as long term monitoring which can be worn as comfortable and obtrusively as your T-Shirt. 

"Its a superb invention, the clinical profession should use this extensively to reduce the burden of heart disease" A Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Narayana Hrudayalaya

The Smartest and Simplest Way to Monitor Cardiac Function

Hold the Audicor EkoPatch to your chest or wrap the belt around your torso and in 10 seconds, the snapshot provides insights of how your heart is efficiently and effectively pumping during rest and exercise, while awake or at sleep, before and after taking the medicines prescribed to you. 

Comprehensive Cardiac Function in 10 Seconds

  • ECG Anomalies

  • Holter ECG Function

  • LV Hypertrophy

  • LV Contractility

  • LV Systolic Dysfunction

  • Heart Failure with EMAT = dP/dt

  • Systolic Dysfunction Index

  • Sleep Disorders

Personal Monitoring of Heart Function 

The Audicor technology is encapsulated, manufactured and tested in one of the world's most modern manufacturing facility certified under the ISO 13485-2016 quality management system.

A monitoring companion during extreme sports or when recovering from a cardiac procedure

Monitoring Heart Function during Pregnancy as the heart has to now provide for the growing baby

Continuous Monitoring during and after Chemotherapy and Dialysis

Screening of 150 persons/device/day

1. Apply Audicor EkoPatch

Using Self Adhesive gel electrodes

2. Take a 10 second Reading

3. Consult and Counselling

Ensure clean signal from device

Under specialist guidance from a cardiologist

Higher Quality Examination and Faster Clinical Decisions

Whether at the screening camp, primary care centre, GPs office, Emergency Room, ICU or rehab the Eko Patch provides a a high quality examination which is not only very simple to use but provides high quality signal for analysis. Its intelligent inbuilt quality control algorithms ensure high quality EKG and mechanical heart function markers with enhance sensitivity to anomalies such as in arrhythmia, brady and tachy cardia, sinus rhythm. ST Elevation or T wave inversion, ectopic beats, paroxysmal arrhythmia as in atrial fibrillation in 24 hour/36 hour or longer holter mode in addition to the heart's mechanical function biomarkers such as EMAT, LVST, SDI, S3 and S4 digitally acquired.

Field Screening Camps

GP Clinics

ER and Intensive Care Units

Comorbidities - Sleep Disordered Breathing

Sleep Analysis and Sleep Disordered Breathing

EkoPatch is an ambulatory monitor that can be worn for extended periods of days or weeks capturing paroxysmal events of apnea and irregular heart rhythms. 

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Towards Simplifying Heart Failure Management.

Our Mission

Our focus has been to enhance the understanding and importance of early stage disease prevention and improve the quality of disease management by making it more engaging and accessible to the millions of people, for even to those who may be living in remote and minimally resourced geographies.

Our Clinical Credentials

AUDICOR - Point of Care Cardiology

With over a 100 clinical studies and over 80 peer reviewed publication in leading medical journals, the Audicor technology utility has been validated across the cardiac care cycle from early stage cardiac detection to its use as a monitoring tool for acute and Chronic HF patients during treatment and management.
The proprietary Biomarkers used in the Audicor devices have proven to be of high utility in the diagnosis and prognosis of heart disease and the outcome of treatment.

High Quality Diagnostic Information with Ease of Use

June, 2017


June, 2017


June 2017

For the Clinicians..

At AUDICOR CARDIOMETRICS PVT LTD, our due diligent process of validating the clinical veracity of the Audicor technology is based on extensive research and validation at the top medical research centres across the world. Over 80 peer reviewed publications stand testimony of the diligent research that has gone into the validation of the technology. For copies of some of the clinical reports or an explanation of the summary application, please do send us a mail.

What Can We Do For You?

About Our Company

At AUDICOR CARDIOMETRICS PVT LTD we are committed to creating the most accessible and dependable products for you to know your heart. Based on the highest level of clinical evidence, Audicor presents the data for you to quickly understand and assess the status of your heart whether is beating away happily or it is comfortably and favorably responding to the treatment your physician is giving you.

Remember, Luck favours the informed mind.


Medical Grade


ISO 62304 Class B

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Ongoing Clinical Research Programs

in Monitoring Heart Failure

Screening 1000

Rapid Turnaround on Screening


Management of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

Management of HF during Chemotherapy

24/7 monitoring for HF using a wearable Heart Failure Monitoring

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